The Introduction/Background Story

Before I get into posting blogs about my progress in learning Java, I figured I should just make this quick intro page to get a few things out of the way for those interested, and hopefully that will eliminate any cluttering up of future blog posts with background info or the like. So...

I moved to Hawaii in August 2014 because my brother moved out here about a year before that.  He is a web/software developer, who had been doing freelance projects from the time he got here until a few months ago.  He now has what we "ambitious" types call a "regular job".  Indeed, there is some negative connotation in there, but it does pay well and is pretty easy relative to what he's capable of doing, so it is hard to argue against it being a good thing overall.
Anyhow, the plan was for me to move here and get hands-on training from him to learn one or more programming languages.  He is self-taught, with over 20 years dabbling and messing with computers and reading language books.  I am very detail-oriented and really into video games, so we both believe this could be perfect for me.  The ultimate goal (for both of us) is to design and develop our own games and apps, and to make adequate income from them (plus a few other random endeavors with which we hope to create passive income) to sustain everyday expenses, and beyond.  In the meantime, any supplemental income we can create is a step in that direction.  Life has a tendency to get in the way at times, but we're both finally on the same page and ready to really push forward.

We chose (I should honestly say "he chose") Java because we believe it fits in many different environments and seems to be a logical way to go.  We both have Samsung Android phones at the moment, I just got mine back in March I believe.  Before that, I was still rockin' an iPhone 3GS, but so far I'm loving the switch to Android, and the phone I got - the Galaxy Alpha - is running the latest version known as Lollipop, which is a new experience for me all around because frankly I'm usually outdated when it comes to my phone.  I was late to the Sony-Ericsson slide-phone pre-party gathering, and then the Motorola Razr party, and finally the aforementioned "everyone has an iPhone!" lasting-all-night after-party.  I guess in a sense, I'm late again to the "let's all switch to Android", but AT LEAST this time I'm up to date and have a new, current model of phone. Anyway...
With Java, we can program apps and games for Android devices including phones, tablets, and eventually we even want to put out a game for the little video game console called OUYA.  My brother was one of the original backers on the Kickstarter that spawned the OUYA, and while it didn't exactly take the world by storm, it does have some cool features and fun games, and it runs Android so it really is more of a developer's console.  But if you're reading this blog, I'm guessing maybe you've chosen to learn Java as well so you likely don't need to hear the reasons why really!

I'll add more here later if I think of anything else to mention!

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