Monday, January 25, 2016

Replica App: An Interesting Small Problem

I just ran into an interesting problem, one which is very small, but I think it's a perfect example to use to make a post about, so I thought I'd write it out.

In my Replica App project, where I'm trying to replicate an app I use at work because it looks super simple, it has a "return to top" button on it's main menu, which is my main activity and a ScrollView. That is the problem: how do I make an onClick event to simply return the ScrollView to the top of the page?

What I'm thinking is, there's probably a way to have it just refresh the current activity, or reload it so that it will reset it to default - the top.


I started this post on 10/26/15, and in the two weeks plus since then, I've put this issue on the back burner and have been adding and working on other areas of the app.  I did run the problem by my brother though, who mentioned he might have had to do something similar in our simple text-based game, Blood Touch.  He was going to help me find it and figure out how to apply it to my app, but he's been really busy at his regular job so we haven't had time.


It is now months later, and the interesting small question remains unanswered. We both had been very busy with work, and other distractions kept us from finding the solution, but the truth is it just isn't high priority, so when I have worked on it, I've been more obsessed with making progress and getting content into it than working out all the little kinks. It sounds like that might be a smart way to approach it anyway, according to my brother, because he says it is easy (for him at least) to get to caught up on little details to the point it impedes his progress. Although it is a small feature, I will want it to function eventually so I will come back to it.

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